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About Chris Rehberg Photography


My name is Chris Rehberg and I would love the opportunity to create beautiful photos with you.

I began shooting wildlife, nature and landscapes for pleasure in 1994 after being fascinated with darkroom processes. I began shooting commercially in 2012 - everything from musician performances to modelling portfolios, fashion runways to weddings and portraits. In 2015 I ran my first photography workshop for a class of makeup artists wanting to learn how to take great photos to showcase their creative talents.

Artistically, I love minimalist abstraction - that place between dark and light, between recognition and obscurity - and especially low-key lighting.

With such a varied background of photographic subjects, equipment and lighting conditions, my abilities are versatile. I have a portable studio that includes up to five flash heads and all the fancy gear. As the name suggests, I'm based in Oatley in Sydney's south (on the blue train line). I am happy to travel to shoots and am comfortable shooting on location, whether indoors or in the wild.

My goals are to deliver photographs that you love, and to make the experience a comfortable process. My highest rewards are when clients tell me they love their photos and that they loved working with me.